Combell acquires PriorWeb

Combell proudly announces the acquisition of PriorWeb. PriorWeb customers will soon become direct customers of Combell. With over 8,000 customers, 20,000 domain names, 6,000 hosting packages and 500 servers, Combell’s market share has significantly increased.

For a long time, both PriorWeb and Combell have been a safe bet when it comes to premium hosting products and personal support provided by a team of experts. For both companies, quality comes first. Since Combell’s culture is very similar to that of PriorWeb, both companies are a perfect match.

This is a total acquisition, which means that the PriorWeb brand will disappear over time. Its customer base is mainly made up of companies, including many web agencies and developers. PriorWeb is one of the top 5 hosting companies in Belgium.

Endless opportunities for customers

“For PriorWeb customers, this acquistion is great news. Not only will they continue to benefit from their current products and prices, but they will soon also be able to use Combell’s many new products„ Jimmy Cappaert, Intelligent

The helpdesk’s personal approach to which PriorWeb customers were accustomed remains guaranteed. Moreover, the service will be expanded, with support available in French and 24/7 availability via a free 0800 number. In addition, most of the PriorWeb collaborators will start working for Combell.

“PriorWeb customers will find in Combell an ideal partner that values quality above everything else. This year, Combell will invest in various new technologies on its (already very advanced) hosting and e-mail cluster, which will soon also be available for them„ Jimmy Cappaert, Intelligent

An acquisition that fits in Combell’s growth strategy

“I am very excited to welcome PriorWeb customers at Combell. The takeover perfectly fits in Combell’s growth strategy. We want to achieve significant organic growth, but we also want to develop our activities through targetted acquisitions„ Jonas Dhaenens, CEO Combell
About Combell Group

Combell Group started in 1999 and is the leading digital enabler for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Northwestern Europe. The group serves nearly 800.000 customers in Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland and has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. Innovation, trust and reliability is part of its DNA.

Combell Group startte in 1999 en is de leidinggevende digital enabler voor ondernemers en KMO's in Noordwest-Europa. De groep bedient bijna 800.000 klanten in België, Nederland, Denemarken, Zweden en Zwitserland en heeft één van de hoogste scores in klanttevredenheid in de branche. Innovatie, vertrouwen en stabiliteit maken deel uit van haar DNA.